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View Diary: Rove spin: Specter moved to the left (224 comments)

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  •  Welcome Senator Specter (0+ / 0-)

    I am wishing you the best health possible.
    Your switch to the Democratic party is a blessing for all those who have admired you and now admire you even more.
    It will improve your health because " Mens sana in corpore sano" is true, the spirit must be happy to keep a healthy body.
    In addition the Republican party with the help of Rush Limbaugh and  Rupert Murdoch the FOX channel imperator  has become a extreme right wing party similar to the Le pen Party in France.
    The new GOP and the FOX group instead of helping each and every American raise their game as Human beings and American citizens have made their priority to keep Americans uneducated and ill informed by cutting education funds and constantly using lies in the media.
    The Palin, Murdoch, Limbaugh Cantor, Bohener's new GOP is playing on the weaknesses, shortcoming, racism of uneducated American.
    This uneducated crowd is the bread and butter of the GOP and without exception has been maintained uneducated by all the GOP American President who shrunk or underfunded educations program, or cut funding  for Educations program
    They are constantly playing and reinforcing the lower instincts in any human beings instead of fostering the decent and ethical part that is in us.
    For decent people there is no other choice today than supporting Barack Obama the decent President.
    Eric Lafayette.

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