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View Diary: Morning feature: The Monty Hall problem (with poll and statistics questions answered) (310 comments)

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    Just before bed last night, I started watching the movie 21 on my Netflix player...

    Didn't get very far (it was late), but got far enough to see Kevin Spacey present that problem to his genius students.

    Went to bed thinking about it... Had fallen into the common 50% trap and was reasoning my way out of it (My doctoral minor was statistics, so I expected better of myself, but it was late and I was tired, and, well, I got suckered.)

    Anyway, I dreamt about the problem, and probability, and all sorts of things I haven't thought about since college, and here this morning when I woke up is the answer with a beautiful, simple explanation.

    Thanks for the wake-up call!!! But what were you doing listening in on my dreams?!?!?

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