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  •  It's ironic that Mitch McConnell and a few (7+ / 0-)

    other Republicans got to the heart of the reason for Spector's defection.

    They claim that Spector switched parties for purely political reasons and for personal gain.

    Their intention is to downplay Spector's defection.  Yet anyone who isn't blindly partisan (which leaves out most Congressional Republicans) would read that as a sign of the trouble the Republicans are in.  When a senior party member jumps ship for 'personal gain' he clearly thinks the party is going to be out of power (and out of relevance) for a long, long time.

    Any hope of getting Snowe and Collins to switch?  I would love to have the two Maine ladies on board - would be a great geographical book mark to have 2 lady Democrats serving an East Coast and West Coast state.

    The land was ours before we were the land's...Robert Frost, The Gift Outright

    by HylasBrook on Wed Apr 29, 2009 at 04:38:11 AM PDT

    •  Only if they're primaried (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      WestWind, CParis, HylasBrook

      And I don't see that happening with Snowe. Collins just won election. I don't like Spector but am glad for his switch but at the same time he's almost 80. He's probably only got one more term and with his recent health issues it may not even be a full term. As a GOP leader I wouldn't so much worry about Spector but how many people further down in the political power structure are going to switch to the Dems. The congressional reps, state legislators, state AGs, other state elected pols etc. etc. Similar to what happened during the Reagan era with Dems switching to Repubs.

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