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    Its not that NJ-11 is grossly (grosly?) gerrymandered, NJ-11. Its that the (incumbent) republican is well liked in the district, even by democrats. I personally know several democrats who vote for Rodney evry election, just because he is seen as a nice guy.

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      NJ 11 (where I lived for over 30 years) looks a bit odd on the map, but it's actually fairly cohesive as the surrounding (tacked-on-looking) bits are similar to Morris County.
      Rodney is an incredibly nice person, who honestly wants to help his constituents. He has a (fatal?) weakness regarding party loyalty. How he can stand being swamped in the caucus by so many social-issues knuckledraggers (he's an ENDA sponsor and adamantly pro-choice) I don't get.

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