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  •  Vanishing Republicans in the Northeast (1+ / 0-)
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    It has been obvious for some time (beginning with Newtie's Contract on America) that the so-called Republican Party is really the old Strom Thurmond Dixiecrat Party.  With the 2008 election the identified solidified.  It is the White People's Party (WHIPPS?) and it consists of the old Confederacy plus the Mormon states and Alaska.  The next election will probably cut this arrangement in stone, even if Sens. Bayh, Landrieu, and Nelson change their party affiliation.  

    So, Rush Limbo, Sean Hanattee, and Bill Orally you have made quite a makeover of a once responsible political party.  Of course, you had the gazillions of Murdoch and Ailes, but even they might find this Depression unpleasant.

    •  Yes, we even had some good Repuiblicans like (0+ / 0-)

      Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, but even he lost an election.  Subsequently, Chafee resigned from the GOP and supported Obama for President.  Chafee is probably a Republican who even I would vote for.  The man stood up against the Iraq War, and that's something that many Democrats were too cowardly to do.  I think that Northeasterners just don't like fanatics and ideologues.  Most people prefer practical people who do what works.  Yes, we have our nutjobs and crooks too.  We've certainly had our share in Connecticut, but I still like living here.  I especially like being surrounded by New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and the Atlantic Ocean.  What I don't like is that it's expensive to live in Connecticut, but I've lived here since I was one year old.      

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