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  •  yep. Lifetime disenfranchisement. (1+ / 0-)
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    It's a large residual civil rights problem.  It wasn't fixed by the VRA and has only been dealt with very slowly at the state level.  Usually Republicans won't do it at all- if anything, they'll broaden who loses the vote.  Democrats shy away from the repeals.

    The one Rehnquist majority opinion that still stands is the one that legalized states restricting the vote pretty much as they like based on criminal convictions, Richardson v Ramirez (1974).

    It's a huge patchwork of different laws nationwide and travesties of various kinds.  Not only does it deprive people of the vote.  Basically, the right to restrict the vote based on criminal record opens the door to all kinds of ways of vote and elections corruptions/theft for white right wingers.  Florida 2000 is a good example- about 700,000 Floridians were barred from voting, mostly black.  Republican authorized registration purges to achieve that were done in such a way as to bar many people with similar names, i.e. in effect de-registering substantially more black and Hispanic voters.  While also deregistering a bunch of white voters.  But the aggregate effect was to bar a relatively many Democratic votes and few Republican ones.

    There's a lot at SentencingProject.Org about ex-felon disenfranchisement.  (Also the War On Drugs, drug sentencing laws, and other injustices perpetrated on minor criminals.)

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