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    and it looks like he might just get it:

    The New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General, meanwhile, told us at Countdown that negotiations are ongoing with Ralph Nader, who at a news conference yesterday not only demanded a recount in a minimum of four districts, but also added another bizarre touch to the proceedings by launching into a brief but surprisingly high-quality Richard Nixon impression.

    In New Hampshire, Assistant Attorney General Bud Fitch indicated that reports that Nader forfeited his right to request a recount there because he didn't get a $2,000 filing fee to them before last Friday's deadline were erroneous. However, Fitch did raise the bar on Nader, saying that he would have to provide a written guarantee that he would cover all costs relating to a recount, and that the state would probably demand a deposit, or the establishment of an escrow account. Complicating matters still further is Fitch's admission that New Hampshire really can't give a good estimate on the final costs.

    ride the Vermont slopes baby - and run republicans over on the way down.

    by maddrailin on Thu Nov 11, 2004 at 08:58:23 AM PST

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