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View Diary: Cobb Requests Recount-- Please Help! (291 comments)

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  •  Where the fuck (none)
    did all the money go that we donated to the Democrats legal fund for post election lawsuits? Do we get that money back? Why can't we demand that money goes to the greens for the recount?
    •  Seconded (none)
      I sent 50 bucks to Kerry's GELAC fund for post-election lawyering.  What happens to the money in that fund?  If it's not being used on lawyering, what now?
      •  Kerry's lawyers are there (none)
        As posted earlier in another diary, the AP had an article running in Ohio that reported that Kerry does indeed have his lawyers in Ohio "making sure that every vote counts." This is being done quietly. If anything major comes of it, you can be sure that we'll all hear about it.

        I'm not sure where I heard it, but I also have heard that he has lawyers in FL, as well.

      •  asdf (none)
        The recount can only find that there were errors. What comes next is going to be the expensive part: auditing for fraud, suing Diebold, suing Republican Party campaign managers whom are also the Secretary of State, etc. If there is fraud or even hints of it, there is going to be a lot of legal work yet to be done.

        This only gets the ball rolling.

    •  only a candidate (none)
      Only a losing candidate can request  a recount, not DNC lawyers. Since Kerry is not going to do it (country unity, very very little chance of changing the outcome, etc..), only the Green candidate and Badnarik can request.
      •  Still (none)
        That doesn't mean the Dems couldn't (quietly) contribute some of their legal fund to the Green/Lib recount effort. As I understand it, that would be completely legal, and there's not even a contribution limit.

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