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View Diary: Cobb Requests Recount-- Please Help! (291 comments)

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  •  HelpAmericaRecount Seems Wrong (none)
    Over the past 24 hours, I've been advocating folks consider donating to a group named HelpAmericaRecount to get an Ohio recount going.

    As I've learned more, I'd advise folks not to donate to them.  It seems they probably don't have standing to file for a recount.  

    Go with Cobb instead.

    Humble apologies for any confusion.

    •  do both cobb and helpamericarecount (none)

      Any losing nominee or candidate in a primary, general, or special election can request a recount. Also, a group of five or more voters can request a recount on a question or issue. The recount process begins by filing a written application with the Board of Elections of each county in which votes are to be recounted. R.C. 3515.01. The application must be filed within five days after the results were declared. R.C. 3515.02. The application must also list each precinct within the county where votes are to be recounted, and for each precinct a $10 deposit must be paid. R.C. 3515.03.

      •  Re: do both cobb and helpamericarecount (none)
        I really think helpamericarecount has a serious problem in being able to successfully file for a recount.

        A full reading of the statute seems to indicate that a "question or issue" only applies to ballot initiatives, not elected offices.

        It seems to indicate that the "5 voters" rule won't work for elected offices - that only a candidate can file for a recount in those.

        I think Cobb is the horse to ride.

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