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  •  No actually or kinda sorta or maybe (0+ / 0-)

    Not that I'm that young but let me try to explain with a blockquote.



    1. A new word created by teenagers at, when the word "tempid", was mistaken for the word tepid (meaning warm).

    Originally, it kept its original meaning, but played on other temperature-related idioms such as cool and hot. Someone "tempid" was "cool" (someone "hip", or at the forefront of fashion) as well as "hot" (good-looking, sexually appealing).

    1. Tasty Food

    This is a term used more widely on the internet than verbal communication.
    I am such a tempid guy!
    Is she a cool chick? Yes, she's gorgeous too, she is tempid!

    This food tastes tempid!

    Cool huh?  yeah, preeeeetty funny.

    Obvsiously, I mixed tepid with tempid.

    Therefore, when I say

    ..this is something that may hurt Democrats as Union leaders & members may become disaffected.

    I'm referring to observations such as this:
    Past Progress: The Labor Movement, Obama, and the EFCA


    "...Obama's tempid to nonexistent talk on the matter is something that may come back to haunt the Democrats..."

    I mean to say

    1. moderately warm : lukewarm 2 a: lacking in passion, force, or zest b: marked by an absence of enthusiasm or conviction

    Obvisouly, this notion was spreading as evidenced by
    Obama nonchalant reaction to Dem senators cooling on card-check. Which brings to forefront an older article when Obama just won the Presidency.

    The Employee Free Choice Act: Is Obama Backing Off a Crucial Pledge to Labor?

    So, VP Biden was brought out to reaffirm the admins support for EFCA

    However, given the VPs propensity to talk out of his ass, it doesn't carry as that much weight. His words, not the brown stuff coming out of his ass. Speaking of which...

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