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View Diary: Do You Have an E-Book (e.g. Kindle)? (171 comments)

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  •  Reading is about words... (3+ / 0-)
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    Brooke In Seattle, jct, karson45

    ...not the container they come in.

    I really do love books - the feel, the smell, etc.  That said, I don't require the tactile stuff in order to enjoy the author's work.

    To me, it's sort of like a beautiful painting.  If I own a print of a painting, it's not at all like having the real thing - being able to see the brush strokes catch the light, or to smell the canvas - but it evokes those things when I look at my cheap posterized version.

    Ebooks convey every bit of the intellectual aspect of the book...  and my brain can fill in the rest.  Does that mean I never want to visit a library and walk along the stacks, brushing the spines of the books as I search for a title?  Of course not...  but the two experiences are far from mutually exclusive.

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