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View Diary: Most Religions - By Definition - Are Elitist (60 comments)

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  •  What if God "communicated" perfectly? (0+ / 0-)

    What if He ended all the wars? Better yet, what if He gave everybody a pony?


    You misunderstand the promise that God offers.  

    We have a brief time on Earth.  During this time we can make our lives happy (if we work together) or horrible (if we fight).  We try our best.

    God has given us the tools to make a fantastic life on Earth, but He doesn't do it for us. We are free-willed, created in His image...not pets.

    It can be tough. But, there is Good News, it is also brief.  After this brief time, we are offered eternal life.

    Try to live the next 100 years or so as best you can. Be good to other people. Make the world a better place.  Have fun. When your time is done, you will meet your Creator.  Hopefully you will have the good manners to thank Him.

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