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    lineatus, Amber6541

    I like the cormorant especially. I love how they stand almost perfectly still so you can get a really good pic from just the right angle. Anhingas do it too.

    The quail is really neat too. My family recently bought a small property out in the Hill Country with great potential for bird habitat. Over the last few trips, dad saw scrub a painted bunting, scrub jays and blue jays, a Lazuli Bunting (only reported sighting in Travis County) and heard (this is why I mentioned the quail) a Bobwhite. It wouldn't be a big deal in, say, Mississippi or anywhere else in the deep South, but I've never even heard one in Central Texas.

    This is with low plant diversity (mostly Ashe Juniper, along with a mix of Live and Red Oaks), so when we bring in some more low-growing native plants it should be even more spectacular. I can't wait!

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    by Texas Revolutionary on Sat May 02, 2009 at 02:34:25 PM PDT

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