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View Diary: VIDEO - Arlen Specter says NO on MTP to public health plan option (303 comments)

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  •  I trust EVERYONE has sent in questions and (4+ / 0-)
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    SarahLee, nyceve, Iberian, Billdbq

    comments to Howard Deans conference call tomorrow.  I sent in mine on my personal selected issue of home care for the elderly. It costs over $12,000 a month to keep an older person in assisted living, they frequently need to sell their homes in order to pay down their assets so Medicare will cover the exorbitant costs.  For about $2,000 a month for a  partime carer to come in a couple of hours daily to help dress, cook and shop, an elderly ambulant person could stay in their own homes for many years longer, reducing the strain on their families, retaining their indepencence and dignity and saving the system the excessive costs of end of life care in the for profit nursing home industry, where they are also often abused.

    Instead of bitching at Arlen Spector, who is being totslly predictble, people might spend a few moments gathering information such as that collected in Nicholas Kristoff's always excellent column today.

    Good many excellent statistices regarding the costs and inequities of the current health care sytem in America.

    •  In Venice, Florida (1+ / 0-)
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      the local private pay nursing home stay is $183/day, which my aunt will start paying tomorrow.

      That's about $5,500 a month. Medicaid would pay about $3,300/month I believe, or $2,500/month after $800/month from Social Security.

      I'll live with her at her place starting Friday.

    •  Medicaid and Medicare (0+ / 0-)

      don't pay for what is called assisted living.

      They will pay for a nursing home.

      Medicaid requires you to be basically broke except for the home of a spouse.

      Medicare will pay the full freight for 20 needed days after a hospital discharge and down to $133.50/day (from $183 a day) for needed days 21 through 100.

      •  this is absolutely part of what needs to be (0+ / 0-)

        changed. Home care and assisted living also needs to be paid out of Medicare/Medicaid before a patent needs to go to a nursing home.  That is the whole point. I am not talking about patients who need full tiem medical nursing home care. I am talking about peopel who need some assistance in order to stay living with their families or alone.

        What I am fighting for is assistance to keep elderly people in either their own homes or have their families reimbursed for home care.

        That is the entire point.

        •  While I think that is the ideal situation. (0+ / 0-)

          I am not sure that our government can afford to pay for in-home care for millions of senior citizens. It is insanely expensive.

          •  you are right. It is probably cheaper to stake (0+ / 0-)

            them out on anthills and leave them to perish.  It is also insanely expensive to warehouse all those crippled vets returning from our foreign wars.

            How is it more expensive to pay 2000 for non-profit home care a month than 12,000 for for profit nursing home care?  That's the choice!

            They manage to do it very well in Europe and they are not bankrupt and their health care costs are much much lower than America's.  False analysis.

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