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View Diary: VIDEO - Arlen Specter says NO on MTP to public health plan option (303 comments)

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    As someone mentioned up-thread, if we can out a face to tjose of us who face death or debilitation, perhaps the few non-sociopaths who hold the power will have a moment of compassion and forget about their share price long enough to allow the Public Option.

    Here's my story.

    I pay $400 a month for my PPO insurance. I have a chronic degenerative condition in my neck vertebrae that was diagnosed a year ago and I will need surgery. My out of pocket expenses (MRI's, Epidural injections, meds) in this last year exceeded $5,000 on top of that $400 a month.

    Now the insurance is picking up more, it does actually have a nice benefit for specialists like surgeons and pain docs. But as far as the surgery goes, there are three kinds and I have not begun the process of finding out what or how much the insurance is going to cover. No doubt though it will be the cheapest, not necessarily the best option.

    Yes I am in debt and going in further. I have no choice since I have active damage going on to my spinal cord and my prognosis is varying degrees of paralysis if left untreated.  As it is, I have intense pain in a variety of places and multiple degrees of numbness in my hands. Then of course since I am starting to become a particularly unprofitable insuree, come the end of the year when new rates are figured, I am sure they will price me out of it and I will be left with no insurance at all. I am self-employed and my options insurance-wise are extremely limited as I can only buy as an individual.

    At the end of 2008, after I had been diagnosed and had filed a few claims getting this diagnosed and treated, my rate was increased 33%. I can only imagine what the increase will look like after they have paid out whatever they will have to for my surgery.

    So a year from now, I can look forward to having had the surgery and if it is unsuccessful, I will be pretty much fucked because as I said I will most likely no longer be able to afford the insurance I have now and will have to get something that offers very poor coverage (affordable however) and in any case, I will also have a pre-existing condition that will not be insurable at any price and then the paralysis will come and when that happens, I'll just die.

    This is America. We all have worked hard. We paid our taxes. We followed the rules. And we did these things to be nothing but profit centers? We are to be used up and thrown away? This is what we deserve? This is America?

    Real human beings would feel shame that these stories not only exist but that there are millions of them. All I can conclude is our nation is owned and run by monsters.

    "Much law, but little justice": Proverb

    by Dave925 on Sun May 03, 2009 at 05:24:02 PM PDT

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