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  •  Nice pics, but now I'm sad (12+ / 0-)

    Barack has a higher (81%) likability rating than Michelle's approval rating of 79%.

    No, I don't want to talk about niceties like different measures/different questions/different polls/margins of error. Just let me cry in my Guinness.

    Oh wait, this means that only 20 percent of the electorate still has a problem with our president and first lady. And only about 21% of the electorate identifies as GOP. Never mind. I suppose we are doing something right.

    •  Her slightly lower number probably reflects (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      sanctimonious gits with a hair up their collective butts about her touching/wearing a cardigan to meet the queen [if I read from one more fossilized designer, he's seeing the business side of my slapping hand].  All of them are authorities on royal protocol.

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