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  •  Wow, that puts everything in a different light. (1+ / 0-)
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    I guess we should stop blaming Bush for making torture the way business is done in Washington.

    I'm sorry, MB, but if that's the message, I'm not on board.  There is a lot of pressure from what I guess we would call the Old Left, for lack of a better term rather than to diminish it, to refight these old battles, but I don't think they can be directly compared with what has happened the last eight years.

    I've had Republicans argue with me that what happened under Bush isn't really that exceptional because America has tortured before.  They say this without qualifiers such as the fact that the DOJ under Bush deliberately reinterpreted existing law and international treaties.  To say that the only difference is that they did it "with pride" doesn't do it justice.

    I suppose it's not your intent to conflate these matters, but it is the net effect, and there are those who are eager to see you do it.  

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