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View Diary: Why does the US military name bases for traitors? (379 comments)

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  •  SF 68W would be interesting (1+ / 0-)
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    from what I have read it is quite possibly one of the most dangerous jobs in the services (army medic, navy corpsman).  Since you are tasked with saving injured soldiers in combat you have to help them on the spot.  of course, leaving you a sitting duck!  
    I am in medical school so I would be a DCO, ultimately to CPT upon degree completion.  I have been investigating enlisting first and then after bct DC'ing to the med corp but there are complications with that, one is finding the 9 weeks to do it.  I have issues with DC'ing but I have been told that OBC1 at fort sam for the medcorps is just if not more challenging than bct as it combines leadership on top of the bct training.  We'll see.

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