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View Diary: TNR's (Rosen) sexist hatchet-job against Sotomayor (73 comments)

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  •  Oh trust me, I fully understand the potential (3+ / 0-)
    consequences.  However, I also know how easy it is for someone who has a personal vendetta to hide behind that excuse.  And in this case, that's not going to be a valid excuse.  As a SC justice, she would not be either interested in or able to make anyone's life a living hell.  They won't have to be appearing before her regularly, there will be soooo many opposing her and saying all sorts of crap, she won't be able or, I suspect, willing to single any one person out to attempt to get her revenge.  If someone doesn't have the courage of his or her convictions - then shut up already.  Don't claim to have special knowledge, but then affirm that you're willing to risk the country having an incompetent SC justice because you're scared of being picked on somehow.  I have zero respect for someone like that, and put absolutely no credence in their opinion.

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