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View Diary: Name the Goposaur, Round 2 (367 comments)

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  •  ADD A TURD..... GnOP and Copie (0+ / 0-)

    GnOP (pronounced nope) and Copie (like Opie)

    GnOP for the main/big image - a simple, (no explanation needed) play on GOP and "no".  


    add a second little/baby dino image behind it, representing the new/wannabe GOPs, (Cantor, Pence, Palin, Vitter), and call it "Copie"

    "Copie" of course would visually look somewhat like a little turd behind the main image of GnOP.
    Copie would be a play off goofy/naive little Opie Taylor (new Repubs), as well as a play off "copy" - a rebranding of the same tired old republican shit (literally.. shit),  and the term coprolite, which literally means fossilized dinosaur turd.
    It works on a lot of levels.

    GnOP (nope) and Copie (Opie)

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