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View Diary: Marion Barry's Dissenting Vote and the Black Community at large w/update (195 comments)

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    He was a true soldier of the Civil Rights Movement, and when he first became mayor he did some good things. I was in DC in college at the time, and he established a "Mayor's Youth Leadership Camp" for the summer which was amazing. He brought in the "knuckleheads" from all over D.C. (all races) and then also all of the most thoughtful, advanced people in D.C. in the areas of education, psychology, youth development, anti-crime, career counseling, etc., and the program was amazing.

    He also called off the police at 6 in the morning when they were on the verge of breaking into Howard's administration building and arresting the 500 students who were there protesting (including me!) in a likely to be violent confrontation.

    But the rest, as they say, is history . . .

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