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  •  Utter bunk! (5+ / 0-)

    most people will feel Republicans are much more likely to bring about health-care reform

    For 8 years, they did NOTHING except pass a bloated giveaway to the Pharma companies. The donut "hole" and lack of any true bargaining for prices meant those companies could charge whatever they could get away with, raise prices much faster than inflation, have monoplies in certain drugs with the anti-trust government regulators doing NOTHING.

       Since 2000 we got a  near doubling of costs along with reduction in coverage increases in copays for private insurance. The push was on for tort reform to cap payouts and guarantee even bigger profits for insurers. That is the sum total of republican "reform".

    Make my stock and dividends more valuable. Skim off even more, make the stupid voters pay more and blame the democrats as "Eurostyle socialistic health care rationers"! There is their political posturing on the issue.

     Last night's Ed Schultz show on MSNBC had Georgia Congressman Tom Pryce - a Republican doctor- arguing for adding all the uninsured to some sort of subsidized plan which along with "wellness care" would end up being reform. Schultz asked him how much? He refused to answer because he can't admit the republican plan of defending the gougers and private insurers  while subsidizing many millions would absolutely  be costing more.

    By opposing a public options or passing it with a poison pill( like Schumers refusal to have doctors participate) inside to make it fail, the costs would be untenable of this so called reform. We get higher pricing, worse access, and a dilution  of what we have, a further decay of the existing system. Disaster for the Democrats and the country.

         If there is to be a subsidy for millions of Americans to get them inside the system, where is it coming from? Business can't pay much more, the wages are woefully low and can't cover any health plan in many cases so where is it? We have dropped from 80% coverage to less than 60%...and that is getting smaller as many lose their jobs and insurances as well at the same time.

      The Repubs want to cut taxes and spread the reach of the private insurers.  Without funding or a transition plan, this can't possibly happen.  The Repubs can't agree on a working plan. It hurts the private insurers or limits them to skimming only the top tier of users to be practical.  They need a substantial startup fund, but don't want to pay for it.  They refuse to limit Pharma, negotiate for cheaper drugs like the Veterans Administration, Canada and 85 or more other countries already do....
    so their "plan" is meaningless 30 second sound bites that are gibberish.

     You can't be "for health care" unless you get specific and tell what is in, what is out and how you will pay for it. Who will give up some things to make it work?  They are terrified to say and are totally owned by billion dollar corporations and completely beholden. They are not credible AT ALL on this issue, even the couple of doctors in Republican districts (who are WAY OUT of step and behind  the majority of physicians in this country on single payer and financing policy)!

     There simply has to be a viable public option, a Medicare for all sort of default practical coverage and delivery else this reform is a myth.

    cast away illusions, prepare for struggle

    by Pete Rock on Wed May 06, 2009 at 11:16:18 AM PDT

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    •  you make some excellent points. (2+ / 0-)
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      freakofsociety, Pete Rock

      Actually the idea of covering everyone who doesn't have insurance with some kind of government backed insurance coverage is interesting, because then everyone who is only carrying insurance because they feel it is less dangerous than not carrying it would drop it and enroll in the government backed sysem.

      Which actually is kind of what is being proposed as far as i can see, cover all the uninsured with a form of expanded Mmedicare so evereryone is covered including all those denied coverage because of pre-exisitng conditions.

      Of course that leaves all the sick people in the Medicare pool and the well people in the private pool, which is actually kind of how socialised medicine winds up working anyway, a two tiered system, because the reality is that any form of univerdsal health care is by definition rationed.  A single payer system is not going to pay 1000,000 to give a 90 year old a heart bypass, or 250,000 to keep a preemie baby alive for four motnhs etc. etc. etc. It does have the benefit though of not leaving anyone out to die on an anthill staked in the Mojave Desert.

      A though occurs to me, from all the pitiful stories of people dying unecessarily it seems to me we need better doctors not better insurance!!!!!!!

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