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  •  excuse me. Wher did I say that I support a for (0+ / 0-)

    profit system.  I have said over and over and over and over again that I personally support a UK style totally government funded , managed and run national health system. The reality of which is basically a two tiered one anyway, with those who can afford it have private insurance as well.

    I have also said over and over again that I do not believe after fifty years of living in America that form of system, or even at this stage a more modified one of a public/private hybrid is politically feasible. At every opportunity I comment on aspects of specifically elderly care that I believe to be abhorrent.  Not to mention the way health care is delivered to poor rural areas and native reservations and the ghettos and the barrios.

    I have never ever said i support a for profit system, I do say that I use the for profit system we already have because I am a responsible human being and do not believe my not carrying supplemental health insurance to protect my family in the event of a catastrophic illness, which at age 76, already way past my sell by date, would bankrupt my family.

    What gives you the right to so morally superior?  Until you and people like you accept the fact that the health debate is not even being debated honestly there is no fopundation. Three will have to be rationing, there will have to be triage, nopt everyone will be able to get the high tech expensive proceedures everyone demands.

    The best we might get and this is what I am fighting for is a system, to start with anyway, where noone is denied health care, that is very different from coverage.  I believe that an expanded Medicare system would work and that is what I am fighting for. So take your anti-elitist remarksm elsewhere.

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