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  •  you make some excellent points. (2+ / 0-)
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    Actually the idea of covering everyone who doesn't have insurance with some kind of government backed insurance coverage is interesting, because then everyone who is only carrying insurance because they feel it is less dangerous than not carrying it would drop it and enroll in the government backed sysem.

    Which actually is kind of what is being proposed as far as i can see, cover all the uninsured with a form of expanded Mmedicare so evereryone is covered including all those denied coverage because of pre-exisitng conditions.

    Of course that leaves all the sick people in the Medicare pool and the well people in the private pool, which is actually kind of how socialised medicine winds up working anyway, a two tiered system, because the reality is that any form of univerdsal health care is by definition rationed.  A single payer system is not going to pay 1000,000 to give a 90 year old a heart bypass, or 250,000 to keep a preemie baby alive for four motnhs etc. etc. etc. It does have the benefit though of not leaving anyone out to die on an anthill staked in the Mojave Desert.

    A though occurs to me, from all the pitiful stories of people dying unecessarily it seems to me we need better doctors not better insurance!!!!!!!

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