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    I get the same shock as well. Being a business owner, people assume I support Republicans. I remember a couple weeks before Election and this US Commerce woman came into my business and asked if I would donate/join to help with their political causes (I knew they were airing attack ads against Edwards), I told her to leave and that I don't support their agenda. I refuse to join any business groups who cater to Republicans. I believed any my parents instilled this into me (they are business owners themselves) that as my parents did, work hard and came to this country with no money at all. Some businesses took advantage of them because they we're a different ethnicity. They been through that and I remember seeing my mom cry because it was so hard to reach their goals. They made it though, and they don't want others to go through that. I know business who hire immigrants and pay them below the minimum wage and when I see that I see my parents. I know businesses who drop injured immigrant workers to the hospital and just leave them at the entrance. When the hospital calls the business, they tell them he's never worked there. It sickens me to no end.

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