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View Diary: Brad Carson speaks - and pens a brilliant TNR article (348 comments)

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  •  I dislike Carson's message so very much ... (4.00)
    The reality of it and the way he frames it.

    Especially dislike how it ends: "And, while the defeat was all my own, the failure was of the party to which I swear allegiance, which uncritically embraces a modernity that so many others reject."

    I would reword that to say: "the failure was of [the twisted ignorance of those who rejected] the party to which I swear allegiance, which uncritically embraces a modernity that so many others reject."

    As for the preceding part, the author seems to infuse his rejectionists, the RedBoys/Girls of Oklahoma, with a glow they dont merit. His words strike me as somehow wistfully glorifying (sort of?) these particular Okies' tawdry projecting onto the stars n stripes. That Special-USA/Me identity, the one their heads talk but their feet cant walk, because it's an I-L-L-U-S-I-O-N. They cant live it.

    I am reminded of the hell they, and all Bush supporters, have helped us into by willfully rejecting the world with their spectacular ignorance, their failure with history's redundant lessons ... sneering at our connectedness to others, dividing for the sake of their little tin flag pins. We have been burdened with 'nations'. Now they go and make the worst of it.

    They live out their delusions of specialness vicariously, as that Bush guy they like sends their valiant kickass comPATRIOTS off to die for an exposed lie and kill a 100,000 'ragheads' who "all hate us" and who "started this with 9/11!" "And the French can kiss my ass!" "At least Bush did something.  (Ever hear Cspan WJ callers? )

    And those who dont vote for the war, but vote Bush due to guns, god, gays ... they vote for the war. Shame on them to think otherwise. There, I give them that "shame" they value. (Carson said they like it, and would vote for us if we liked it more too.)

    What is this "honor", this "nationalism", this polishing of intolerance and trashing of our "tolerance"?  

    And " ... only tolerance" is what he says we possess. ONLY! Tolerance is marvelous in practice, but since they've never tried it, lived it with feet on its gritty ground, they have absolutely no conception of what it really IS, the everyday helpfulness of live and let live. They seem to have no conception of it. And if they scorn it without the help of OReilly and Limbaugh (Carson says FOX's influence is our "excuse" for why they do what they do) their originality does not impress.

    And what's more, there is MORE to us than that ONE trait in our moral/spiritual make up. We are fucked up too, by the way. So are they. Oh boy, so are they. Are they EVER.

    These people are flashing billboard ignorant. I have awakened to the immensity of the malignant growth of red statism, grafted onto a better America, like a lumpenHeadedproletariat (and all their partners in crime, whatever their station), that we must drag around, impeding our progress. And now, it has taken over ... the parasite trumps the host, and it is dragging us around.

    That's all I have for now. Weariness. Weariness at the idea that we would even begin to try to find the 'trick' to woo these people.

    Oh, and this ...

    A Brit friend over at the Guardian told me we just have to beat them down, like Labour did the Tories. Beat them into something too small and snivelling to do damage. They are simply vipers (Tories/Republicans) was the long and the short of his mesage. Vipers who eat their people alive, and jackboot over others. Cruel, ignorant, hypocritical, smallminded vipers. (Forget not, that Oklahoma seems to compete with Texas for most executions. Ah yes, such lovely folk. A lovely swatch of land, indeed. Honor? I dont think so.)

    Oh, and cant leave without noting how we are said to " ... uncritically embraces a modernity that so many others reject." Uncritically? Oh yeah, just slap the modern label onto any old thing and I'm game. Modern. Works like a charm. And arent those bombers and drones they cheer on a slice of modernity of which they are extremely UNcritical?

    Oh, all of this drips with falseness and hypocrisy. And cheap black and white simplicity.

    This is not honor, this is perfume on a rotting corpse.


    •  Well said. (none)
      My family has lived in the heart of creationist Texas for six generations and we are liberals.  The hate that pours out of our neighbors has always been there, since long before the Civil War.  They have always wanted to destroy the outside world, but we kicked their asses in 1861-1865 and now we need to do it again.  The only thing that will carry the day is to confront them directly and with withering force.  As my mother says, "We have to break them up into little bitty pieces."

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