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  •  SENATOR Kerry (4.00)
    The Dem nominee came down to two choices, Kerry or Dean.  Those were the only two who rejected fed financing during the convention lead-up.  Kerry gets major points for realizing that early.  I still think that his main failing was due to being a long time Senator.  Can you think of a Repub Senator that scares you as a 2008 candidate?  There is something about the political language learned in the Senate which makes it very hard to be forceful in a credible way.  The Iraq votes really hampered him, but more than that the common touch almost always seems to desert Senators.  

    IMHO, Kerry did well.  There were some campaign lapses, but no more than the other side had.  He did well in the debates by everybody's acclaim. Some good ads, effective attack ads, ballsy strategy of savign money for a final blitz which I believe prevented a total blowout.  

    Bush had 9/11 still at his back and a great strategy for GOTV, one which still has us talking here about the fallout.  Bush is, bizzare though it may be to us, a dream candidate for the Repubs.  They don't have many as good as he, so totally sure what message he should be sending and completely cocksure in doing it.  Creds among both the corporate and Christian wings of the party.  The best organizer in Rove that their party has ever seen, and rising the crest of this cultural period we are discussing.

    The Democrats as a party did not sell themselves coherently at a national level, that makes many of our best candidates start in a vote hole.  This is Carson's too real lament, he lost to a schmuck who wasn't even that good a candidate.  He lost only because of the letter next to his name.

    To sum up, please be leery of drawing message and language weaknesses of the Dems based primarily on Kerry's campaign.  The local and Senate races are much better barometers in my opinion of general responsiveness to party i.d.

    civilization is a long process

    by jakarta on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 02:09:11 AM PST

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