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    If the dems wish to be a progressive party guiding the US responsibly through modern life (which to me assumes an interconnectedness between states all over the world), then wouldn't you have to manage the inevitable "outsourcing" of jobs rather than "curtailing" it.  One of the problems I see with the modern democratic party, and I'm speaking as a Canadian here so please ignore any bias (and my bias is that I think Canada is the most "modern" of nations in the world reflecting a mutlicultural world with an internal cultural, regional, ethnic, sexual and political multiculteralism) is that it is somewhat schizophrenic (sp?).  On the one hand you speak for the most progressive of states in terms of tolerance and diversity, and yet the perception I have is that the republicans "seem" more internationalist.  I don't know that you can succeed by trying to "suck and blow" at the same time.
    •  It's a stop -> Review -> Manage strategey (none)
      No, in honesty, you could not pull back all work doen for US companies to the US, but some really stupid things have gone on over the last 8 years -

      outsourcing to countires that do not follow human rights and polution standards

      giving tax breaks to companies who move jobs overseas

      outsourcing things that really should be done close to home [things needing Enlgish language skills, sensitive information programs, etc.]

      So, you limit what can be outsourced based on what is good for the country and economic climate overall, not what gives a quick stock-boost to a company so the CEO can get extra compensation for meeting an annual goal.

      I would bet that, outside of NAFTA, Canada regulates outsourcing and limits it more than the US does.

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