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    Why does this drive me so insane as a straight person?!!!

    It makes me want to puke that "being a lesbian" has been analogized above to divorce and alcoholism.

    Lets set the record straight on some things:

    1.  Cheney didn't "inject" his daughter.  He got asked about her pretty directly in the debate.  I know, becaUse I got called on the "Cheney injected it" argument and went back and checked the transcript.  If I'm wrong, I'll stand corrected on that one.

    2.  Kerry's motives were likely both benign and antagonisitc.  It was a political play, and as political plays go, it backfired.

    3.  Mary Cheney, on the other hand made her sexuality known to everyone, injected it not only into public discourse but into commerce as a representive of the gay community and liason to it for Coors.  Christ, not only was this woman at the gay pride parade, she was on the top of the fucking float!!!

    4.  I 100% categorically, and unconditionally support his right to say what he did and would encourage him to do it again and again, results of the election be damnned.

    Also, if all that is said on this score is that those people will take offense, then I say:  "good for John Kerry!!"  If he took the status of gays and lesbians one tiny iota closer to normalcy then his presidential bid wasn't in vain.

    The irony is that in pointing out to many who didn't know (what rock were they hiding under?), he put a human face on lesbians and gays.  He said:

    "Hey you!  Bush supporter?!  Anti-gay bigot?!  You are not immune!  It [having a gay child] can happen to you too.


    Re: some comments above:

    it was a blatant violation of, and a univeral emotion of parents:  'don't drag my child into this arena' -- which eluded too many on the Left

    Look, the principle isn't this broad, because everone knows that families and even discussion about families are "taboo" in politics, even by opponents.  The "rule" is that you can't go negative on a family memember.

    Imagine a topic about student loans and funding, etc. and John Kerry said:  well, George Bush knows this well becuase his daugher went to a state schoo (the Univ. of Texas?) There kids at those schools who are struggling because the cost of college tuition . . .."

    Now, are you saying that it is out of bounds to mention that a Bush daughter went to Univ. of Texas?  This is "bringing them into the campaign dialog."  But just going to Texas is not a negative in any real sense.  And neither is "being a lesiban."  And neither is "being straight."

    Guess what?  Either you thought that this was "negative" or you didn't.  If you don't believe that "lesbian" is per se bad, then you had very little problem with this.  If you have a problem with this, you believe (whether you are willing ot admit it or not) that there is something inherently bad in being a lesbian.

    You CANNOT support this feeling with the arugment that there are negative connotations attached because of the bigotry of others that results by "further outing" Mary Cheney because she was as "out" as they fucking come!

    . For many - probably a strong majority - what Kerry did would have been like Bush mentioning Kerry's divorce or candidate x mentioning candidate y's daughter's struggle with alcoholism.

    First, we have all probably read the comments here about when people make arguments based on the impact on others "well, those people would think . . ." -- well, maybe take a look in the mirror.

    Second, to even analogize (I dind't say equate, I said "analogize") sexual orientation to divorce and alcoholism is so patently offensive to me that I cannot even begin to describe it.

    If you say that sexual orientation is like divorce or is like alcoholism, you are also saying that being straight is like divorce or like alcoholism.  Do you really believe that?

    There is so much more to say on this, but I'm freaking fuming right now!!!

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