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  •  And Philly has (4+ / 0-)

    a) A very low rate of crime for a US city
    b) A higher than average rate of crime for US city

    if you  picked b) you win!

    Philly has the 10th highest rate of violent crime of any US city. The 7th highest murder rate.  12th highest rate of rape.


    •  Exactly. (4+ / 0-)
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      plf515, NCrissieB, DParker, FarWestGirl

      "Tough on crime" with its attendant aggressive policing, excessive sentences, and no investment in rehabilitation is not a crime deterrent.

      The best way to keep most people from crime is a stable middle classs job. Now, of course, there will always be exceptions. But if we had fewer cases in the system we could strike a better balance in how we litigate the system of justice. That would led to less wrongful convictions.

      It's great to praise things like the innocence project for doing important work. But its a shame a society even requires such a thing in the first place.

      •  The Witness Protection program (5+ / 0-)

        Has a much lower recidivism rate than incarceration.  Only 17% of those who go into the program return to crime, versus 40% of those who are incarcerated.

        This inevitably raises interesting questions.  All the witness protection program does is remove a criminal from any and all contact with former associates, help him/her get a job along with a new identity, and a place to live.  Once the witness is employed and housed, the role of the feds ceases to exist unless there is a problem of some kind.

        Food there for plenty of thought about our current preferred methods for dealing with criminals.

        The austerity you see around you covers the richness of life like a veil -- Anonymous

        by winterbanyan on Wed May 13, 2009 at 06:58:28 AM PDT

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