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  •  He is an unsung genius (5+ / 0-)

    As I understand it, he's pretty much retired from music and now paints.  If you google him you can find his website -- perhaps it's under his real name, Don van Vliet.

    "[W]e shall see the reign of witches pass over . . . and the people, recovering their true spirit, restore their government to its true principles." Jefferson

    by RenMin on Fri May 08, 2009 at 08:36:12 AM PDT

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    •  Here's an old urban legend I picked up in my (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      willie horton, RenMin, Eddie L

      college years (which corresponded to Nixon's first term): Jerry Mathers of Leave It to Beaver grew up to be Captain Beefheart. Untrue but hilarious.

      i can't watch [Obama] speak on tv for more than 5 minutes or else what he's saying starts to make sense to me. It's very scary.

      by Kimball Cross on Fri May 08, 2009 at 09:39:57 AM PDT

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