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View Diary: Central Vote Tabulation: What We Should Know and DO (18 comments)

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    the film on this site shows how activists at the Election Reform Coalition in FLA monitored precinct closing and vote tabulation during the FLA primaries in August.  i talked with the election lawyers connected with this film and they are drafting model legislation based on this study.  
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      ...and, since you have contact with those lawyers, could you ask them if they have identified where the 'central tabulating systems' are located in FL and if they have either already gathered or are in the process of gathering records of who had access, physical and electronic, to those systems?

      Thank you.

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        in the film, these guys first go to one of Miami-Dade's 700 precincts and watch the poll closing.  then, they follow the vote count to one of 20 central collection locations, where many people are milling around.  then, they go to "HQ" where all the votes are coming in over phone lines.  they also have a graphic that shows this process.  i'll find out where they're at on model legislation and report back.
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          ....can you ask them if they are preparing or have already requested subpoenas to access the telecom logs for Oct/Nov 2004 at the 'central collection locations' and the "HQ"?

          If we could get just one group to indicate the importance of this information and that they are taking action, perhaps that could serve as a catalyst to have other groups, in each State, take legal action to gain access to those logs, asap.

          Thank you!

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