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  •  Superstitious about T.Vultures (in a good way) (14+ / 0-)

    Lots of Turkey Vultures ply the airways in Southern Ohio, where I grew up. Toward the end of his life, my father got a big kick from my growing interest in/knowledge of birds. He loved to go for rides out in the countryside. On the way out to visit the hamlet where he was born, we came upon roadkill and a couple of TV's feeding. The road was quiet, so I brought the car to a stop and we watched for quite awhile.

    A few days later, he confided, "I dreamed about those birds." We both knew he was losing his fight with prostate cancer, so I was too timid to ask him WHAT he had dreamed. I've always regretted that, because he may have wanted to talk. (We were not a family that talked a lot about feelings.)

    Now, whenever I see them soaring, I think of him and the time we had together. I don't literally think he's come back in their form, but the feeling of identity and confort is just about as good as if I believed that.

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