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  •  Remember how Topher was allowed to have (1+ / 0-)
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    one day for a systems check where he uploaded a person that was a total female geek?  I think that the persona is the original inhabitant of Whiskey's body, which is why he programed the doctor persona to hate him.

    The reason for the scene with the personas was to show that Echo's brain didn't crack under the strain of all of that information, she was able to turn on and off the various personas.  It is setting up the idea that they never completely erase a person, their core being or soul is still part of them.

    Whedon is influenced by anime, and this show is definitely influenced by Ghost In the Shell, probably the series Stand Alone Complex.  It takes place in a future in which people can become cyborgs, and transfer their consciousness from one body to another.  This means they can inhabit bodies that have little or no resemblance to their original selves.  Dollhouse is about trying to ascertain what makes a person a person, what makes you who you are  and can who you are ever be erased.

    The episode was rushed, the doll bounty hunter spies were seen being downloaded but never played a part in the rescue.  I think it was done so that show had somewhat of an ending should Fox pull the plug.

    •  a theme Joss seems obsessed with. (2+ / 0-)
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      pgm 01, Sarbec

      How much of Fred was in Illyria? were those remnants parallel processing, or blended? Did Wesley deludie himself into seeing more than was there?

      Don't even get me started on Angel/Angelus, or Willow's soul jars. Or River and her triggers.

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