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View Diary: The destructive consequences of junk science (graphic images) (65 comments)

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    We like to think on the left that we have the reality-based community on our side.  But there are issues here on which people take the side of ideology and not science.

    It is just as dangerous from the left as it is from the right.

    I agree with Dauphin that junk science is seductive.  And it is hard to combat because people don't read the real science.  Some people even dismiss it.  I've been told by people here that peer reviewed literature is useless because 90% of it is funded by industry (which is another layer of WRONG on the topic).

    And it is often harder to explain the actual science than it is to say "[my pet issue] caused [awful consequence]".  I saw that referred to once as the The Asymmetric Advantage of Bullsh-t which cracked me up.  

    Imprisonment without trial, and even examination under torture, were common practice. --A Man for All Seasons

    by mem from somerville on Sun May 10, 2009 at 09:02:10 AM PDT

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