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View Diary: Death with Dignity Law Brings No Dignity to Some (272 comments)

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    The plutonium for Fat Man, dropped on Nagasaki – and other nuclear weapons – was processed there. That’s where Wallace had worked much of his life. One of his tasks was to transfer radioactive, chemically noxious stew from one leaky tank to another. His children think that’s what gave him the pancreatic cancer that killed him. Such connections are impossible to prove.

    In many cases of nuclear exposure, the connections ARE possible to prove. Some are obvious, like thyroid cancer, some bone cancers, leukemia, and others. Pancreatic cancer certainly shouldn't be that difficult to prove from exposure.

    The biggest problem, is that because of "pressure" from the nuclear lobby, these types of diagnoses are discouraged, at least they used to be. I had to go to UC Berkeley to finally obtain a proper diagnosis and attribution when I got the first of my exposure cancers.

    Reading about Mr. Wallace's experience terrified me so badly, I had to catch my breath. Will the same happen to me? I hope not (understatement). I recently moved to Oregon, and one of the reason I did, were the "death with dignity" laws. I plan on thoroughly investigating my local physicians to make sure I have one ready to honor my wishes, should the need arise.

    In the meantime, it's one day at a time, one IV of chemo at a time....

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