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View Diary: RECOUNT OHIO:Cobb & Badnarik Fundraising Drive (338 comments)

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  •  Sorry for shouting, but.... (4.00)

    This is about the integrity of our voting system.  Recount every damn state if need be to expose this mess once and for all.

    Call it fraud, call it glitches ... if we don't have fair and accurate elections we can run Jesus Christ himself and we will still lose.

    We already know enough about errors and voter suppression to take action, and John Kerry is NOT the issue.  Our democracy is, and if Al Franken has his nose so far up the ass of the DNC party establishment that he can't see the truth, then he can just crawl the rest of the way up there and stay out of our way!

    •  Thank you and... (3.50)
      We have massive reports of irregularities coming out of Ohio, and to a lesser extent Florida.  This is not about the margin by which a state was won.  I have yet to hear from anybody but the above poster about claims of fraud in WI.  If they exist, they too should be investigated.

      We do have an obligation to make sure people's votes count, and until we have an audited voting system, we won't know for sure.  A recount is a costly and time consuming way to verify the votes, but it will have to do for now.

      •  Wisconsin (1.20)
        The numbers in Milwaukee are all there for you to see.

        There were/are only 423k people old enough to vote where close to 500k cast their votes on election day.  Doesn't that strike you as odd or did 70k people turn of age on election eve?

        You want to stop voting fraud, make it a ten year mandatory sentence.   That will stop it but you'll never see either side push it.

        •  umm..ok.. (4.00)
          These links are to articles about Milwaukee requesting more ballots, because of high anticipated voter turnout. They are both dated mid-October.

          Where is the evidence of questionable behavior on Election Day?  Anecdotally, I spoke to numerous people (some of whom were planning on voting for Bush, incidentally) in the Milwaukee area who were planning on registering on Election Day.  Sometimes this was because they'd moved, sometimes this was because they'd never voted before... but they all knew what the requirements were for same day registration.

          In Ohio, we have no verification that the computer tallies match the vote, and we have numerous complaints from Election Day itself.  That's why we're looking at a recount.  In North Carolina, they may do a "revote" because so many votes were irrevocably lost.  

          Again, please show some evidence that there was foul play of some sort on Election Day in Wisconsin.  If there was, let's investigate it.  

          •  Numbers (1.00)
            There were less than 390k registered voters in Milwaukee county on election eve.  There are only 423k legal potential voters in the entire county.  How did almost 500k vote on election day?

            These are published numbers, not something I'm speculating on.  The reason the republicans balked at printing 2 times as many ballots as possible voters was the potential for fraud.  The DNC got them printed, and now we have nearly 500k votes when the county says there are a total of 425k potential voters if EVERYONE SHOWED UP AND VOTED.  

            Doesn't it seem strange to you that the DNC requested twice as many ballots as needed (no other city in the USA does this) and then suddenly there is 115% turnout of total potential/legal voters?

            •  one more thing (1.00)
              Take a look at all the counties surrounding Milwaukee County.  Just like the rest of the nation there was a moderate increase in turnout.  Milwaukee's percentage is almost double the rest of the State and far exceeds the 2000 amount + average increase in 2004.

              Like I said, the most startling number is 60k more voters voted than the county says it had that could ever have legally voted.  Coupled with the DNC asking for twice as many ballots as potential voters in this one city and no other city in the entire country isn't a bit strange?

              If all of us here came up with a 100 million to revamp the voting system in MI, WI, IL, OH, PA, and FL and went to both parties with a foolproof system both would balk at it.   They are both happy with the nonsense.

              •  The evidence you've show (2.66)
                for overvoting is exactly none.

                Speculation, allegation, there's plenty of.

                Where's your evidence?

                First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mohandas Gandhi

                by boadicea on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 03:31:22 PM PST

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              •  The Milwaukee suburban counties (none)
                already had very high turnout in 2000. Not much room for a high percentage increase. the City of Milwaukee did not turn out 4 years ago, so there was much fertile ground for get out the vote drives to cover.

                Also, the Senate race in 2000 was not inspiring to Milwaukee voters. Russ feingold generates much more excitement than our other Sanator whatshisname.

                Your Blunder War is showing.

                by ben masel on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 09:56:03 PM PST

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            •  Numbers? (none)
              Do you have a cite to the over-voting numbers in Milwaukee?  Maybe that would help.

              As far as over printing, what is the problem?

              Its not like everyone reports to the same location, so you need enough to make sure you don't run out at any location.  Plus, with same day registration and high expected turn out, I am not surprised by a request for 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 printing, so that each location has an excess of ballots.

            •  Milwaukee CITY vs. Milwaukee COUNTY (4.00)
              Okay, I'll say this slowly, and then perhaps you'll stop repeating yourself?

              423,000 voting age voters in the CITY of Milwaukee.

              480,000+ actual ballots cast last week in Milwaukee COUNTY.

              There are nineteen municipalities within Milwaukee County.  The City of Milwaukee is one of these.

              As another poster noted below, Milwaukee COUNTY has a population of 933,000 of which almost 75% are of voting age.

              But thank you for coming by.

              -- Stu

        •  Look again (4.00)
          Here's census data for Milwaukee County:

          Population (2003): 933,221
          Percent under 18 (2000): 26.4%

          Which means that 686851 are old enough to vote.  Granted, those two figures are from different years and not all of those people are citizens.  But unless Milwaukee County was hit by the Black Death recently and I just didn't hear about it, I'm going to continue to be suspicious of your claims.

          •  Despite what is said above (1.50)
            despite what is being said directly above, the number of potential voters is not what he/she is representing.

            In order for the Milwaukee numbers to be accurate, something on the order of 80% turnout for the COUNTY and over 100% within some key areas.

            Aside of random conspiracy theories I've yet to hear any more "evidence" on this blog that has any more credence than the numbers above.

            Count, recount all you want, Kerry will still be a Senator in the end.

            In 4 years whatever incarnation of this blog exists will have a similar number of people complaining about the election yet again.

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