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  •  Padding Bush's Votes in OH - theory (none)
    How bizarre that the last county reporting in OH would have a fake terror alert to keep out outside observers. Being last to report, Warren County officials knew how many provisional ballots there were. So on directions from ROVE they padded Bush's totals by some thousands to make it seem that Bush had an insurmountable lead. One that could'nt be made up by those provisionals, thus discouraging any doubts about the outcome of OH. Bush got around 18,000 more votes there in 2004 than he did in 2000.Some precincts in Warren County recorded voting rates at more than 80% of registered voters, a very high number.So by handing Bush those extra votes  they were clinching OH and putting him over 270 electorates - delivering him the presidency.

    Warren County Commisioner Pat South - who is she? WC officials said an FBI agent told them that Warren County ranked a "10" on a terrorism scale. However, state and federal homeland security officials said Tuesday they were unaware of any specific threat against the county. Why the fuck would Warren County rank a 10 for terrorism? What bullshit!  Pat South needs to be called on it hard!

    An update: I heard they're now claiming it was a threat of domestic terrorism . Total BS!

    •  WC County Comm. Pat South (none)
       Pat South (office)
       406 Justice Dr., Lebanon, OH 45036




      Sent her an e-mail. You should too.

      To Pat South,
      I want to see the documentation you received from the FBI stating that Warren County was under a high terrorism threat on election night, justifying the banning of outside observers from watching the vote counting process.Please release this information to the public.Thank You.

    •  I have been asking this (none)
      for days now.

      My Rovian theory involves the Laptop, the Modem, the Old Family Dining Room and the Spreadsheet.

      Where is Woodstein???

      KO asked this question the other night of Jonathan Alter. Why aren't a million reporters curious?

      Greetings from Miami Beach -- a very blue oasis, near a Starbucks, in a very red state.

      by Patsy Stone on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 04:44:53 PM PST

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