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  •  I see your point... (none)
    ..."we the people" should be looking at every anomaly.  But we here are behind a particular candidate.  Speaking personally, I don't believe there was massive, organized fraud, but I do suspect there are real problems with the accuracy of the machines and I want a recount of a major state to either confirm that suspicion or put it to rest.  At the same time, as a partisan, I want that recount, given limited resources, to happen in a state where a reversal would make a difference.  Partisans who support Bush can allocate their resources elsewhere and force recounts where Bush lost by small margins.  I wouldn't begrudge them that effort one iota, nor would I demand that they support recounts, with their dollars, in places where Bush won.

    I also believe in civil discourse, even when people disagree.  I hope that comes through.

    •  all I'm saying (1.00)
      I agree with you and understand you are partisan.  I actively supported Dukakis and Kerry (more Dukakis than Kerry though).  What I'm trying to get across ineffectively is that the partisan selection of and presentation of voter "irregularities" is unfortunate.   It will change nothing, and I just wish people would see that and focus in forcing both sides to agree to massive reform.

      If we spend the next year fooling around with Ohio and everywhere else it gets us nowhere.

      We need to eliminate the 527's entirely, and nationalize the voting system.  Anything less than that will lead to continued and growing skepticism in the voting system.   In the end that could be the end of the country we all love.  

      •  I doubt... (none)
        the recount will take a year.  My understanding is they have until early December to finish the process and certify the vote.  It will be a period of confusion and controversy until then, but it should be over in a matter of weeks, not months.

        I agree on nationalizing the voting process.  Leaving elections for federal offices in the hands of county elections boards is ridiculous.  Don't know practically how it would work, but there's got to be a way.

        •  If (1.00)
          This is what I was trying to get across here....the only way it happens is if Democrats, Republicans but more importantly all the indies push it through.  The parties WILL NOT do it, Nader is right.

          I wish the same effort could go into revamp the voting process as goes into tearing down each candidate and arguing afterwards.  If all sides can agree a change can be effected, otherwise we are all semi-scre*ed

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