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  •  Look again (4.00)
    Here's census data for Milwaukee County:

    Population (2003): 933,221
    Percent under 18 (2000): 26.4%

    Which means that 686851 are old enough to vote.  Granted, those two figures are from different years and not all of those people are citizens.  But unless Milwaukee County was hit by the Black Death recently and I just didn't hear about it, I'm going to continue to be suspicious of your claims.

    •  Despite what is said above (1.50)
      despite what is being said directly above, the number of potential voters is not what he/she is representing.

      In order for the Milwaukee numbers to be accurate, something on the order of 80% turnout for the COUNTY and over 100% within some key areas.

      Aside of random conspiracy theories I've yet to hear any more "evidence" on this blog that has any more credence than the numbers above.

      Count, recount all you want, Kerry will still be a Senator in the end.

      In 4 years whatever incarnation of this blog exists will have a similar number of people complaining about the election yet again.

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