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  •  This just proves (none)
    That money makes the world go round.  In my opinion a vote is priceless.  Yet it is treated as though it is worthless in this country.  

    Apparently our IT systems involving money are worth an audit trail, but our voting systems aren't?

    "we'll count some, some we'll throw out, others we'll ignore...if there's a problem, eh...we did our best"

    •  Again (1.00)
      I won't disagree, but these are two different animals.  One is tracked with routing numbers, transaction numbers and a million other ways of tying you to the account and then the transaction back to the account and subsequently you.

      In our voting system no such tracking is allowed.  No matter how many people we put on it, so long as the system is anonymous we can never, ever assure the vote.

      •  well... (4.00)
        Well bud, I've seen you tear down everyone else's about you put up a suggestion on how to correct the current busted system we have?  Are you suggesting this is as good as it gets?  And we should just learn to live with the fact that our votes won't be counted correctly?
        •  that's precisely (4.00)
          what he is suggesting. he reminds me of the guy who argued after they found out about the 380 tons of missing explossive in Iraq that it was just a bueractic error that the Dems were trying to turn into a big deal. There is not sense of reality in the statements- just a lot of shit being thrown out to see what sticks. I am really begining to suspect he is a troll.
      •  It's not about tracing it back to the voter (none)
        Dear Scottspol:

        It's about making sure every step of the tabulation is correct.
        And why didn't you like the paper-bag-over-the-head, shout-out-the-candidate's name, hand-tally-on-manila-sheet voting method?  Anonymous, clear indication of voter choice, visible and verifiable results - what more could we ask?  Maybe it was the presence of the major media . . .

      •  That's just incorrect (4.00)
        The fact that the voter's name needs to be held separately from the individual vote does not mean that you cannot design the system as carefully as you would a banking system.  It's a SMOP, really, for someone who knows how to design secure systems.  

        By the way, my examples weren't all about "money" systems or applications.  The same standards apply to anything considered a "business critical" system.  We do this routinely in the I/T biz.  

        I hate to bring up the "V" word, but the situation really does illustrate what we value.

        _As I was going up the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish, he'd go away._

        by Clues on Fri Nov 12, 2004 at 06:01:45 PM PST

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