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  •  Margin (1.00)
    This is because in many states the number of outstanding absentee/military ballots were less than the margin of victory.

    Kerry conceded before Bush declared himself king.  I was standing there in Boston when he did it and it was definately before Bush declared victory.

    •  My point about the military ballots (4.00)
      is not that they would have given Kerry the presidency, it is that Bush made such a big deal out of counting all the military ballots in 2000.

      Kerry conceded first yes, but it was in the news that Bush had already said he was the winner and would be giving an acceptance speech that afternoon regardless of what Kerry did. Kerry made it less uncomfortable for Bush by conceding. But Bush made it clear to the media that he was the winner, and that he would not necessarily wait for Kerry to step  out of the running. This is exactly what he did in 2000 too, he was announcing cabinet appointments while Bush versus Gore was still in the courts. It's called psyching-out the other candidate, and putting it in the public's mind that you are already the winner. It's yet another  Rove trademark.

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