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  •  Informational Note On Ticket Splitting (none)
    Here in NC a straight-ticket vote DOES NOT apply to the Presidential race - it must be voted separately Not sure how that would factor into this, but just thought I'd mention it.
    •  Does it work the same way on the absentee ballots? (none)
      Because the only difference here is the difference b/t absentees and the voting machines.

      If there is no difference b/t absentees and the machine ballots as far as voting straight ticket, than this probably wouldn't make any difference.

      Also of note, the absnetee ballot tally in 2000 was  less that 2 points off the final totals

      41.7% Abs/43% final tally

      57.7% Abs/56% final tally

      I find it unbelievable that there is a 9 point difference for president this year.  If there was fraud here, it could have flipped that Senate race, and padded Bush's claims for his "Mandate".

      •  Well..... (none)
        I've never seen an absentee ballot so I can't
        answer definitively. But I'd be be pretty surprised
        if if it treated straight party voting and the Pres race differently.

        Oh, and the vast majority of what is listed as "absentee" in the analysis is actually "early votes"
        rather than absentee ballots.  I voted early and I can state that we got the same ballots - where Pres (as well as the amendments listed in his data, which you'll notice match up well with election day) is a separate section from the stuff covered by straight party.

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