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  •  Dittohead (1.00)
    Do you people actually see yourselves for what you have become?

    I'm a dittohead, or a right winger, or a troll because I don't agree.  Can't I just be a lifelong independent in a democratic state that has voted for more democrats than republicans?  It would be one thing if the majority of Americans were in agreement with the approach of the bloggers and the party in general, we aren't and even in bread and butter states like Massachusetts the democratic party gave up 5% over 2000.  We lost NM and IA, barely won WI, barely won PA, lost FL handily.  

    Don't you  see the arrogant, condescending nature of so many of you is why we keep losing?  Even within the party you can't disagree, if you do you are a right winger, a dittohead, or some other non-elite.

    How many elections have to be lost before we realize what's happening?

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