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    but The Repubs have CONSISTENTLY done better on election day for President and Senate in NC than for any or all of the other statewide races. Remember Jesse Helms? Remember Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41/43, they always outpolled the Repub candidates for Governor, Sec of State, etc. We elected a Dem governor by a big margin this year and picked up 5 house and 2 senate seats this year, because NC voters still vote Dem in state elections. Since 1968, they have mostly voted repub for senate/prez.  I really do not think the fact that Bush/Burr outpaced the other offices means fraud. It's just the continuation of a longstanding trend.

    And most of the miscounting in NC that was corrected initally benefitted DEMOCRATS, the 4500 missing votes in Carteret County are mostly Repub, in Mecklenburg, 7 tabulators from an early vote site in the black community were counted twice while seven tabulators from a suburban site were omitted, in Gaston County they initially forgot to count a tabulator with 12,000 votes and that is a Repub county. And in NC we count provisionals even if you showed up in the wron precinct. Wake County had 13.500 provisionals of which 10,900 were counted and Kerry got 61% of them.

    •  I dunno...2000 Absentee stats: (none)
      41.7% Abs/43% final tally

      57.7% Abs/56% final tally

      In 2000, it looks like Gore outperformed Bush on election day compared to absentee totals.  I don't think those DUI charges hat THAT much of an effect.

      We're not talking about ticket splitting here, we're talking about absentee vs. vapor ballots.  Vapor ballots seem to be giving Bush a gigantic edge.  And Burr to a lesser extent.

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