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View Diary: RECOUNT OHIO:Cobb & Badnarik Fundraising Drive (338 comments)

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  •  Look, I see where you are coming from, but... (4.00)
    everything we are fighting for would be ruined if Kerry and the DNC become publicly involved.  Credibility is lost, public support erodes, and republican attacks begin.

    The fact that people not associated with the Kerry campaign or the DNC are conducting this process gives us credibility and support from the public.  If people like Cobb, Badnarik, etc. are calling for a recount, how are they going to be accused of being sore losers?

    And what makes you think Kerry didn't keep his promise?  Do you think Kerry isn't keeping tabs on what is going on in Ohio?  You think his lawyers are doing nothing?  They will do whatever it takes to get every vote counted appropriately.  And they are smart enough to know that the less Kerry and the DNC get involved, the better chance a fair election is conducted.

    Have faith in the man.  He has spent his whole adult life trying to become president and he aint going to let some asshole steal it from him.  Though his heart says to attack the election process, his brain knows the best chance to succeed is to remain silent until there is conclusive evidence of fraud, all the ballots are counted, or outsiders have forced a recount.  Talking about this publicly hurts the party's credibility, and the chances of us breaking this election scandal open.

    •  Credibility is lost by not defending our rights (none)
      Have we all succumbed to the Orwellian logic of the Bush-Cheney administration?

      If Kerry defends our right to vote, he will gain credibility, not lose it. Martin Luther King, when reviled and attacked by cowards, only gained greater credibility and support among decent men and women.  When he stood up and demanded justice, his public support did not erode.  Quite the contrary.

      Of course Bush and his supporters will attack Kerry if he shows guts and integrity.  But surely Kerry is not afraid of their name-calling?

      If Thurgood Marshall found the courage to take legal cases in places where he had to get out of town before nightfall, surely John Kerry has the courage to be smeared and criticized by scoundrels and tyrants.

      John McCain once said in South Carolina, "I'm honored by the attacks by the people who addicted our children and lied to Congress."

      Kerry should be honored to incure the ire of those who oppose free elections. If he's afraid of losing their respect, then he should join their party.

      Integrity is not a matter for strategic compromise.  If you don't agree, then vote next time for the candidate who hesitates to be publicly associated with demanding an open and fair voting system.

      I will vote for a different kind of candidate. I want someone who demonstrates integrity and leadership, and I will work to defeat any candidate who dares to trade away my right to vote as if it were a chip in his private poker game. My vote does not belong to him.  He may not trade it away to improve his chances in 2008.  It is mine, it is precious, and I will defend it.

      Because I am not in their districts, I cannot vote for Conyers, Nadler, and most of the others who demanded a GAO investigation, but I damned sure am going to send them money for their next campaigns.  As for Kerry, if he defends my vote, he can count on my vote and my continued support in the future.

      If not, then I will find candidates who are not embarrassed at the prospect of supporting my most fundamental rights.

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