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View Diary: RECOUNT OHIO:Cobb & Badnarik Fundraising Drive (338 comments)

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  •  $150K (none)
    Only half way there with just the weekend left? I am surprised they are not closer to their number by now.
    That is not good news. I read on the site they need $110k for the recount, the other $40k is for expenses. I assume they will continue raising momey after Monday to reach $150K, assuming the hit $110K. Does anyone know the hour of the deadline?
    •  The $71k (none)
      was as of eob on Friday.

      More has probably come in since, but we don't know how much.

      Feed the kitty.

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      by boadicea on Sat Nov 13, 2004 at 07:16:56 AM PST

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