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  •  I'm in PA (none)
    And I actually wouldn't mind a recount... and a good hard look at who was dropped from the rolls and why.

    I am very surprised to see how close the state is.  I know we had a higher turnout of Evvies, but that should have been more than offset by the Dem GOTV effort.

    Also, I had a friend who's been voting for 10 years in a very small precinct in Northeastern PA who's registration 'went missing.'  She voted provisionally, but as of her last check there was no record of her provisional ballot (you can follow up on the status.)  

    If she weren't about the most stubborn person on earth she probably wouldn't have voted at all, since the poll workers didn't seem to know what to do at 7:30 am - she ended up going back after work.

    So even though Kerry won, I would love to see an overall accounting of problems here.  Its all about the voting.

    They ask for trust but somehow I've got serious doubts / Open up the window let the bad air out

    by Catriana on Sat Nov 13, 2004 at 07:14:49 AM PST

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