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View Diary: Torture Lawyers Should be Disciplined (and this should not be a difficult concept, MSM!) (139 comments)

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  •  a fundamental question - why have Bar Assocs (6+ / 0-)

       participated - in my humble opinion - in the assault by Big Tobacco, Pharma and insurance on the judicial process and lawyering in general.

      Perhaps, because I am in Texas, my view is skewed by our particularly sycophantic Bar - but there are almost no strong voices in the public marktplace of ideas that argue that our judicial system is the best in the world - and that yes, while mistakes are made, compared to everything else the American heritage of jurisprudence has been our single most shining institution.  

      Just about all voices in the public square intone gravely about "the rule of law"  - but somehow assume that denigrating lawyers is consonant with the "rule of law."  Certainly it is true that there is much about us that is easy at which to poke fun - but what we have seen is the picture in the public mind that the whole system is "frivolous"  and the ultimate cynicism of Republican judges speaking gravely about judicial restraint and then wildly legislating from the bench.  

      In my opinion - this new breed - let us call them Republican "lawyers" have fully embraced legal realism - where robes are a fig leaf that allows judges to use their power to say one thing and then rule only on the basis of helping friends and attacking enemies.

    •  Rule of Law only applies to consensual BJ's by a (8+ / 0-)

      woman old enough to consent. I had an argument with a former West Point grad who gave me the "move forward not backward argument." I asked about the GOPs obsession w/ the Rule of Law and he insists that Clinton was impeached for perjury and nothing else.

      Actually,  the perjury was non pertinent and immaterial to Jones V Clinton and that was confirmed by the judge hearing that case. Besides the lawyers planned and plotted for three years to get President Clinton to testify.

      What they did, IMO, was an attempted bloodless coup.  Moreover, in some countries, it would have been considered treasonous and the plotters all would have been hung.

      •  ain't it the truth - sex sells I guess (2+ / 0-)
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        LaFajita, RustyCannon

          but all that serious and sober posturing over intruding into the sex lives of other people - seems particularly hollow - given how - quite literally - Republicans perverted the law to open a Pandora's box of perverted torturing.

          I have resigned myself to the conclusion that one of the distinguishing features of Republicanism is  that their sex lives are so empty that they must spend hours of their own type of dressed up voyuerism peering into the sex lives of others.

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