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View Diary: Torture Lawyers Should be Disciplined (and this should not be a difficult concept, MSM!) (139 comments)

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    But most egregiously, these "torture memos" were not in response to a request for legal advice.  They were in response to a request for help recruiting reluctant accomplices.  What part of a lawyer's duty permits that, much less requires it?  My client's accomplices can get their own damn legal advice!

    This is why Idiots like Madame Speaker and the other spineless chickenshite Congress Critters just can NOT get by with saying (in effect): "Well, we thought they had gotten the best legal advice, so we thought everything was legal."


    Some of us have IQs higher than rocks and we can think and analyze things for ourselves, and the Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Convention on torture, the Nuremberg Judgment, and US Code Title 18 are all written in straightforward language and not at all difficult to understand.  We were not born yesterday and don't excuse people who are supposed to be smarter than Bush.

    Torture has been illegal for centuries under our founding documents, our laws, and every treaty signed and ratified by Congresses in the past, and the latter includes clauses that mandate the signing countries must - no excuses! - do everything in its power to investigate and prosecute war crimes.

    I'm still walking around mortified beyond belief, ashamed and embarrassed that the current "leaders" of the country in which I was born have excused torturers on the grounds that they were following orders in good faith.  How they can be excused on the Nuremberg Defense that is NOT just grounds for defandants who actually did the torture is just beyond my ability to comprehend (and our prez is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar...?!?).  [And when I'm not ashamed about torture and the people who excuse the torturers and war criminals, I'm angry and ashamed and embarrassed about his violation of the First Amendment with the 'office of faith-based initiatives' and his appointing 'spiritual advisors' and paying their salaries from our tax dollars.  So much for "constitutional scholars" who abide by their oath of office to our Constitution, our laws.]

    Laws cannot be made around an illegal policy like torture and invading a country that never did anything to us, and was most assuredly NOT even a gleam of a "threat."  Excusing those individuals is just not forgivable, nor is is justifiable under any philosophy or laws governing any country that considers itself civilized.

    Continuing ANY of the Bush/Cheney policies is the WRONG way to deal with ANY issue whatsoever, including that cockamamie 'unitary executive' nonsense that Obama still hasn't repealed with an executive order, but especially torture and illegal wars... all war crimes.


    by NonnyO on Mon May 11, 2009 at 02:03:27 PM PDT

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